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Witches Tower

By R. Oliver

On the other side of the river looking up toward the top of the mountain you may notice an old watch tower, popularly called the “Witches Tower” by many, clearly visible form the old bridge. It is near the site of an ancient Germanic settlement. Exploring this area will lead you to the ruins of an ancient monastery as well as other historical points of interest of the beaten path. It is also the upper end of the “Philosophenweg” (philosophers trail) that can be followed down to the river front (or up if you are of the hardier variety). It is a very popular destination for anyone delving a bit deeper in the areas history as well as hikers, or people just wanting to commune with nature. You will conveniently find a cozy restaurant at the top to quench your thirst from hiking the surrounding woods.


By R. Oliver

Speaking of hiking. The enthusiast will find miles upon miles of trails crisscrossing the mountains surrounding Heidelberg leading to old wells, or even other to other outlying villages. Don’t be surprised if you come across old stone markers with strange name chiseled into them, most trails have been in use for centuries. I always have a sense of awe contemplating the people who walked these trails before me.

Heidelberg University

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