Ritter Hotel, Old Church, and Madonna

The Ritter Hotel

By R. Oliver

In 1685, the “Kurpfalz” (Palatinate), to this day a protestant region (Oh no, religion!) was taken over by a Catholic sovereign. He tried to encourage his subjects to convert to Catholicism by offering financial incentives and starting a religious propaganda campaign. Jesuits supported this campaign by distributing pamphlets, organizing pilgrimages and processions and erecting Madonna statues.

You can view one of the statues here. By the way, the name of the square “Kornmarkt” means Grain Market, where transactions in this commodity took place.

The Madonna

By D. Godfrey

Another point of interest is the “Ritter Hotel”, originally a renaissance palace built in 1592 by Charles Belier form Tournoi. It stands directly across from the beautiful gothic “Heiliggeistkirche” (Church of the Holy Ghost) built in early 1400. It contains the tombs of Ruprecht III von Hohenzollern and his wife. Both structures are an integral part of the old city center; close the famed Heidelberg University, the “Alte Brüke” (old bridge) crossing the Neckar River, and a number of ancient and still popular restaurants, guesthouses and pubs.

The Old Church



Main Street and Downtown

The Neckar River