Heidelberg University, Marstall and other views

By D. Godfrey

The Marstall is first and formost a …stall… has something to do with horses. Nowadays, however, it is the student Mensa… cafeteria…, in addition to the associated lecture halls, and has special significance for this narrator. When I was a student here a hundred years ago, I ran into a coed who was looking for some tutoring. She got so much tutoring, she decided (much later) to hire me as her permanent tutor, which I am to this day. You can put as much meaning into the word Tutor as you would like: you have my permission.

Originally, the Marstall was an arsenal of the Heidelberg Castle, in which several different goods were stored. It was build during the first half of the 16th century on the banks of the Neckar River, so that the trading vessels could anchor right in front of it. The gate of the western inner courtyard is preserved. Four defense towers were located at the building’s corners.

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