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Café Rossi
Great Décor !
Fruhstuck – Breakfast, lunch, Dinner
RohrbacherStr. 4 Heidelberg 69115
Sommer garten 9 – 1 Uhr. Good Kaffee
The largest Gardens in the center of HD
A note from the Wizard of HD: Ok the owner is a friend however it is one great Café ! Also, the Bathrooms are very clean.

LINDBERGH – Blue Tower
Live Music Back to your roots.
Good Food,Music and people. The place to be every Monday night.
Seckenheimer Landstrasse 170 Mannheim 68163 City Neuostheim
City Airport Mannheim
Great Restaurant with a Large out door Garden.
A note from the Wizard of HD; This is the place where talented people go. The Movers and Shakers of the HD area.

Print media Lounge
Modern Café. It has a restaurant upstairs.
Kurfuersten-anlage 60 Heidelberg 69115
Across the street from Heidelberg’s main train station.
Look for a large metal Horse.
Note from the Wizard of HD: This is the place to visit, bring a date.
All ages will enjoy it.

Café Medocs
Fruhstuck – Dinner – Drinks
Sofienstr 7 Heidelberg 69115 Bismarkplatz
Note from the Wizard of HD: Local café hangout in the evening. Great Coffee.

Café Gekco
Fruhstuck – Dinner – Drinks
Fri-Sat 8-30clock
Bergheimerstr 8 Heidelberg 69115 Bismarkplatz

Large underground Disco / Soul music / House
Bergheimer Str. 147 Heidelberg 69115
Across the street from the side of Heidelberg’s main train station.
Friday and Saturday are the HOT nights.
Call for more information 06221-43855-22
Note from the Wizard of HD: This disco is for the young at heart (18 and older)

Club 1900
Hauptstr. 117
03.05.2012 | 21:00 Uhr
Let your Body feel the Beat
Soul, Funk, R’n'B

Deep Club 

Hauptstr. 1

Halle 02

Güteramtsstr. 2

03.05.2012 | 18:00 Uhr

Am Karlstor 1

Schwimmbad Musik Club
Tiergartenstr. 13
05.05.2012 | 21:00 Uhr

Billy Blues im Ziegler Bergheimer Str. 1b
04.05.2012 | 21:00 Uhr
Party Time Machine
Hits der 70s, 80s, 90s

Musikfabrik Nachtschicht
Bergheimer Str. 147
Saturdays Club Night
Dance, Disco, Clubsounds
Hip Hop, R’n'B, Funk, Urban Club Sounds

Saturday and Sunday Salsa
Schlossplatz 7 68723 Schwetzingen
Note from the Wizard of HD; If you are learning to dance Salsa go early. They have food and drinks but the people makes the club.

I don’t feel like reading all of this. Show me the cool photos!

“The best place to be is always at the bar”, are the words contained in the re­frain of a German song popular at Carnival. And a close observation of practices in German inns will confirm this to be true. A real pub-goer may perhaps take a seat at the Stamtisch (regulars’ table) if he is accepted. Otherwise he will only make use of a table when it is time for a game of cards. The best place to be is at the Theke (bar), because this is where the beer arrives the quickest. And what is more, this is where one can soon get talking to one’s neighbor on either side, if one is so inclined. At least, this may be said to be true for the northern half of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the south things may be a bit different, although here too the Theke has since come into its own with the advent of pils beer. Originally, however, it was unheard of in Swabia or Bavaria. Anyway, there was no need for it. People in the South drink out of much bigger glasses, and the question of a refill is therefore not so important. And, what is more, the Southern German’s mentality is such that he makes contact much more easily. Here, it is quite common for someone to sit down at a table where others are already sitting – this may not happen so quickly in North Germany.

But as we have already mentioned, habits are becoming adapted. Inns now have a bar almost everywhere, and in a good inn it is the center of activity in the evenings. Guests are to be seen standing in two or three rows close together. There’s no point in being timid if you’re in the third row. Drinks are ordered by shouting, or by giving a sign.

It is better to work your way slowly forward in the course of the evening. For this is where the more privileged places are to be found, as you can catch the bartenders eye. More importantly, he can see the glasses. A foreigner may be surprised to find a full glass placed in front of him as soon as he lowers his empty one. But that’s the way it has to be. Whoever has had enough must give a sign that this is so. The most common sign is to place a beer mat on top of one’s glass. This means that the guest wants to pay.

The Theke is a place where it is easy to get talking. Many guests know each other, anyway, but a stranger is soon integrated.

Conversations are generally struck up without much ceremony. But whoever prefers to sit and drink in silence is also left to himself. It may even happen that a complete stranger stands one a beer be­cause he has cause to celebrate. This is called a Thekenrunde (free round for all at the bar).

The way things happen at the Theke depends naturally on the region and the people concerned. Far away up North, it tends to be rather quieter, but the further South one goes, the more willing to talk the Germans become. And of course the make or break of an inn is the man or woman to be found behind the bar. A good bartender (Gastwirt) makes sure there is a good atmosphere. He knows most of his guests pretty well, and also knows what they drink and how to deal with them. In cases of doubt, he also knows when they have had enough, and in such cases he may say. “look – no more beer for you. Shove off home, there’s a good fellow. And leave your car keys here.”

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Cave Médoc Hard Rock Café Café Rossi
Cave Médoc Hard Rock Café Café Rossi
Doctor Flotte Lauer Billy Blues Café Gekco
Coyote Cafe (Doctor Flotte) Lauer Zieglers Billy Blues Café Gekco
Zum Schwarzen Walfisch Café Journal Napper Tandy's Irish Pub The Pub
Zum Schwarzen Walfisch Extrablatt (Café Journal) Napper Tandy’s Irish Pub The Pub


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